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Bradworthy News - June 2000

Book review, by Sue Lander

'The Mersey Sound' by Henri, McGough, Patten

I found this book tucked away in an old suitcase. It was a book I bought in 1968 when the Beatles were enjoying their popularity and any one from Liverpool, regardless of their talent, was fashionable.

This little book consisted of poems written by three poets who happened to come from Liverpool. As somebody who enjoyed reading poetry and the poets were in fashion I bought the book.

The poems were wonderful. I could understand them. They made me laugh.

During the 70's when our children were growing up, I would read some of the poems to them. Their particular favourite was 'Goodbat Nightman' by Roger McGough

God bless all policeman
and fighters of crime,
May thieves go to jail
for a very long time.
They've had a hard day
helping clean up the town,
Now they hang from the mantelpiece
both upside down.
A glass of warm blood
and then straight up the stairs,
Batman and Robin
are saying their prayers…

Roger McGough was always my favourite and still is, but Adrian Henri usually wrote about unrequited love and sometimes these poems were quite poignant or could be short and straight to the point as 'Song of Affluence or I Wouldn't Leave My 8-Roomed House for You'

I wouldn't leave my little 8-roomed house for you
I've got one missus and I don't want two.
I love you baby but you must understand
That feeling you's fine and kissing you's grand
But I wouldn't leave my little wooden wife for you…

Brian Pattern was probably the most 'flowery' in his writing of the three as 'A talk with a Wood'

Moving through you one evening
when you offered shelter to
quiet things soaked in rain
I saw through your thinning branches
the beginnings of suburbs, and
frightened by the rain,…

On reflection, I think some of poems are written under the influence of the substances to be found in the 1960's, but I have enjoyed reading them again and brought back some good memories. 3/6d well spent!

Happy reading, the Bradworthy Book Reviewer

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